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September 24, 2011


The past week has truly been a FRENZY getting ready for the Des Moines show.  We decided this week to put together one more quilt pattern to take with us.  All the hens in the hen house worked really hard to put our new pattern Flannel Frenzy together.  We had so much fun spending our work days (and sometimes evenings) quilting away together. With all the “frenziness” it was wonderful to finish with such a fun quilt that we all worked together to make.

This pattern is a great pattern if you want something one of a kind.  All of us built blocks and put our own personal touch on each one. We include tons of different appliques for you to use or you can change it up and add your own.

Another reason this quilt is so wonderful is that it has the beauty of wool but the coziness of flannel.  It looks so rich.

We not only have a pattern and kit but we will be offering it as a block of the month starting November 15th.

1st Month $38.50 • Shipping $5.00

 2nd-12th Month $12.50 • Shipping $2.50

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  1. mary carpenter

    I can say as one of the hens in on the creation, it was great fun & I can”t wait to make one of my own! I just wonder if the rest of the hens are gonna help on mine…..lol but don’t be afraid to venture in on this one alone, it really won’t be as hard as you might think.

  2. Would love to buy this pattern if it is still available.Thanks!

    1. Flannel Frenzy is still available. You can purchase it online at http://thelittleredhenonline.com/Flannel-Frenzy-5197.htm Thanks!

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