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Free Star
October 22, 2012

Free Star

I spent the weekend working on getting our online world all up to date again.  You might even notice some Halloween flare!  While working away I noticed a towel that Kathi had made up from a few different little doodles of mine.  It’s been sitting there for about 7 months and we haven’t done anything with it.  It’s such a simple pattern I thought why not post the pattern on our blog.

Kathi picked a pretty neat looking towel to put it on but it’s so simple it would work on almost anything.  You can download the template and instructions by CLICKING HERE.  Print it off and add it to your stash.

In the instructions I talk about a Pilot Frixion pen.  You can really use any transfer ink or process you like but we LOVE the Pilot Frixion pen.  We always have a mug full of them when we go to shows.  One of the most common questions (besides where did you buy your foam flooring) is, “Do these really work?”  Yes, yes they do.  Unlike other pens/chalks we’ve used in the past these leave no residue behind.  It’s like they were never there.  You won’t be rushed by these pens either because they don’t fade over time.  When you are ready to remove the lines just use your iron and move it back and forth.  It’s key to remember it’s the friction that’s removing the ink not the heat.  You can check them out HERE.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week since it’s only Monday.  Mondays are the worst.  Hopefully it will be a better week because you started it off getting a free pattern.


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  1. You guys are the best bunch of gals…..thanks for the free pattern, I love your work, and your so friendly to work with . I will be ordering from you soon for my shop again in the near future….Keep up the great work ! Melissa from Missouri !

  2. This pattern is super cute on a towel.
    Thank you for the free patter.

    Denise From Ma!!!

  3. Sorry I did not spell pattern right!!
    Thanks again!!

  4. Thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website really stands out :D.

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